We are a small team of talented individuals with a wide range of skills and experience. We are passionate about sharing people’s stories, and we are determined to make a change.

Junaid Ashraf

Founder & Director

I launched Melting Scot to create a platform for BAME Scots who need a space to express themselves authentically. My political career started in my teens in the Scottish Youth Parliament before being elected as a Councillor at 20 years old. I have worked on equalities campaigns my whole life, represented Scotland across the world through many different forums and I am thankful for the opportunities I have had. But we need more voices to be elevated from the backgrounds that aren’t often heard, I hope Melting Scot can be the vehicle of expression for your life experience.

Marianna Marcelline

Project Manager

I got involved with the Melting Scot because I think the contributions of ethnic minorities in Scotland are often overlooked. Through providing a space for BAME Scots to share their views and creativity, I hope to see this change. I study Computer Science and Politics at Glasgow University, which I love because of its challenging nature. Outside of my studies, I work part-time at Tesco and since the start of Lock down, I have become an avid runner. My goal is to run a marathon very soon!

Iqra Ali


My name is Iqra Ali and I am a proud Scot at heart. You will most likely find me in a Costa or my university library since I spent a lot of time there I live there more than my own house. If I do get time outside from studying and working as a tutor, then I am doing charity work with many amazing organisations! I love my country and in particular my heritage, which is from Islamabad, Pakistan. I want to inspire us BAME Scots, that no matter where we originate from, it’s about integrating and moving together as one country. The Melting Scot is just what this is all about, to help us be heard in Scotland and showcase what we have to offer, as well as educating people about issues that really matter! I can’t wait to read all of your blog posts!

Zain Iqbal

Creative Lead

A former civil engineering student at the University of Strathclyde and now an aspiring personal trainer, I realised that the line we carve will never be the straight one we picture in our minds. My other interests include organising and playing in weekly 11-a-side football (ensuring it starts in time is a whole different task!) and more recently I’ve taken up night time photography. I’ve always had an altruistic personality and to be involved in the Melting Scot project felt natural to ensure that BAME and new Scots have an ever present voice, a void that we as a collective are hoping to fill!

Adeel Chaudry

Social Media Coordinator

My name is Adeel and I am the Social Media Coordinator for the Melting Scot. I am a International Business with Marketing Graduate and recently gained my Masters in Marketing this year. It is a field that I am really passionate about as it encourages you to think outside of the box and come up with creative ideas. I am also an avid reader and have been running my own book blog for almost two years. I am super excited and proud to be on the Melting Scot team as I feel giving BAME a voice is so important as it allows us to better understand different experiences and gain well needed knowledge.

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