Life in Lockdown 2020

Lockdown. Self-isolation. Covid 19,Corona Virus, all of the above,Is all everyone has been hearing,Since March arrived, A lot of devastation, death, fear, sadness, anxiety,Has interrupted the lives of everyone,Unfortunately, humanity is in the midst of a crisis,Many unjust untimely deaths, Sanctions placed on our freedom that we take for granted, What we should remember,This isContinue reading “Life in Lockdown 2020”

Sustainability and the ‘new normal’

By Sophie Kim In between all the hours on Tik-Tok and manic baking I have been doing to distract myself from the current madness, I have also been trying to find some positives in the world coming to a stop and so I hope my ramblings bring some comfort to you as well.  Last year,Continue reading “Sustainability and the ‘new normal’”

Life Under Lock-down: Makki’s Experience

By Makki Tahir My name is Makki Tahir and I have just completed my third year at university, I am currently studying Law at the University of the West of Scotland. I was contacted by Melting Scot to write about what I have been doing during this lockdown. If you would like to get involved,Continue reading “Life Under Lock-down: Makki’s Experience”

Isra – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Hi guys! My name is Isra (@israali96)! My normal day-to-day routine would be jam-packed with work, family and social events (including multiple trips to Nando’s 👀😂), but here is a wee snippet of how I am spending my time during COVID19. I hope everyone is staying safe and finding an enjoyable way to spend theirContinue reading “Isra – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”

Declan – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Hi everybody, Declan (@_allhandsondex) in self-employed lockdown! Easier said than done but try to make the best of these difficult times and find the joy where you can 🌟 ✨✨✨ During the #covid_19 lockdown we’re all spending much more time on ourselves – so let’s share what we’re getting up to! If you want toContinue reading “Declan – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”

Farah – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Hi everyone! It’s Farah (@lifeinthefazlane) and my message is that this is a temporary situation. With any struggle, just add on ‘right now’. This is equally an anxious time for children and they display this through behaviour. Just be patient, and connect with other parents to have a rant – it’s ok to say youContinue reading “Farah – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”

SADCO Foundation #collaboration – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Be determined ✊🏽 @meltingscot X @sadcofoundation #collaboration ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ Hey guys its Saqib (@saqibsadiqofficial) here! Too often I see a lot of negativity whether that be on the news or on social media. This is totally understandable, I am not saying you should ignore the news at this point, but following every single headline mayContinue reading “SADCO Foundation #collaboration – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”

Jupiter – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Hello ! It’s Jupiter (@jupiter059) and here is what I’ve been doing to keep myself busy during this lockdown period. This is a difficult time for all of us so learn a new skill or watch Netflix all day, it’s totally up to how you feel. Stay positive and spread positivity ✨✨✨ During the #covid_19Continue reading “Jupiter – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”

Haseeb – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Hello everyone! My name is Haseeb (@hmasgher) and these are my thoughts in regards to current quarantine situation. During this time it’s easy to fall in a sense of disarray and discomfort. But have that one focus, that one goal in your mind that you want to achieve. It’s a mindset you need to adapt.Continue reading “Haseeb – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”