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My love for reading got me through lockdown

Kiran Kaur reflects upon one of her favourite hobbies – picking up a book and getting stuck in. For her, lockdown has offered the opportunity to read more. As Kiran states, books not only increase our understanding of the world, but they also help us to empathize with others – something especially important as we face a global pandemic.

Are We Really Still Arguing About The British Empire?

A powerful commentary by Nelson Cummins on the legacy of the British Empire and how it continues to be perceived in the present day. Cummins argues that we must stop questioning whether the Empire was moral – it was not. Instead, to truly move on, we must educate ourselves on the atrocities it caused.

Your guide to everyday, common place Microaggressions

In most cases, racism does not take place in an overt manner. Insidious comments and behaviours that attack and belittle groups, are trickier to call out but also equally as harmful. Samantha Likonde has detailed a number of microaggressions to make clear that this behaviour should never have to be tolerated.

How Friends Become Family in Scotland

Sadya Afreen discusses her experiences of making friends in Scotland as an international student. She reflects on the friends she has now made, saying that they feel just like family.

From Syria to Scotland: my inspiring story

Marwa Daher left Syria as a refugee and arrived in Scotland when she was 15. Her determination and passion to share the voices of the unheard, has led her to pursue a career of journalism. Here she shares her inspiring story.

Black Lives Matter – A poem

As protesters rise up in anger at the continued systematic racism against black people worldwide, Kiran Kaur reflects on the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement through poetry.

Is it Halal?

Halal restaurants can still be tricky to find, and many still don’t know they exist. Raisah Goheer gives tips to make sure fellow Muslims don’t compromise their appetites when it comes to eating out.

On Wearing a Tartan Hijab

It has many coloursIrn bru orangeMehndi redMixed in with crossroads of valley greens and blue and Kashmiri tea pinksLike an Ordnance survey mapWhere maps end and memories beginInhabits my worldLike a sea striding the landAnd estuaries encroaching the oceanOf mixed up ideas and mixed kebabsWhere two tongues join, branch and intertwinewords become half in oneContinue reading “On Wearing a Tartan Hijab”

Being a BAME Woman in the Computer Science Field

Since completing my first year at the University of St. Andrews studying Computer Science, I have realised the importance of supporting underrepresented groups in STEM. During my high school years, Computer Science was not an overpopulated career choice and therefore, I always felt somewhat isolated and unique in my passion for CS. However, this neverContinue reading “Being a BAME Woman in the Computer Science Field”

From Feeling Inferior to Feeling Invincible…Miriam’s Story

My primary school employed grouping. However, instead of grouping children in terms of ability, we were grouped according to race and gender. I started primary school following a rocky start to life, having moved schools three times before settling. Although I was proficient in my mother tongue, I was very quiet and did not interactContinue reading “From Feeling Inferior to Feeling Invincible…Miriam’s Story”

Exorcising Haunted Monuments

Colonial monuments across the world cast insidious shadows of histories past across town squares and city streets that have since become melting pots of cultures and ideas. As of late these monuments standing proud in the peripherals of public consciousness, as they enjoy their lunch break, have become subject to vandalism, removal and an importantContinue reading “Exorcising Haunted Monuments”

Life in Lockdown 2020

Lockdown. Self-isolation. Covid 19,Corona Virus, all of the above,Is all everyone has been hearing,Since March arrived, A lot of devastation, death, fear, sadness, anxiety,Has interrupted the lives of everyone,Unfortunately, humanity is in the midst of a crisis,Many unjust untimely deaths, Sanctions placed on our freedom that we take for granted, What we should remember,This isContinue reading “Life in Lockdown 2020”

Scotland’s Response to Black Lives Matter: The Next Steps

Over the last month we have seen a surge in discussion about race relations due to the worldwide protests taking place against the murder of George Floyd in the United States. Against the advice of the Scottish Government, gatherings took place in Edinburgh and Glasgow to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movementContinue reading “Scotland’s Response to Black Lives Matter: The Next Steps”


Over the past few weeks the USA and the rest of the world have been protesting about how black people are treated in our society. As a society, we ignore the ugly truths and think everything is sunshine and rainbows. Sadly, the societal divide between races has been a long outstanding issue.  As a matterContinue reading “#BLACKLIVESMATTER”

The art of communicating and why it should be valued

Emily McConnell talks about how seeing her brother grow up with Down’s Syndrome, has made her realise the importance of communication Lockdown means different things for different people. While most of us are able to say how we’re feeling, others, who have communication support needs, rely on a range of adapted techniques to express theirContinue reading “The art of communicating and why it should be valued”

I Am More Than – The work of an activist seeking fundamental change

Based in Edinburgh, Rosalind Main is an Art Student at Edinburgh College of Art studying a Masters in Contemporary Art Practice. Her work primarily explores themes around social media, consumerist cultures and self image through photography and installation work. She is also a model and body inclusivity activist having co-founded the positivity campaign I AmContinue reading “I Am More Than – The work of an activist seeking fundamental change”

Getting your balance sheet to balance: the perks of a life in finance

Madni Tahir shares his experience of going into finance, suggesting tips on how to get into the profession, and describing the perks related to the field.  So if you’ve not clicked on yet, this article is by a Finance Professional. We’re not the wordy type, we prefer our spreadsheets and journals. Although you could argueContinue reading “Getting your balance sheet to balance: the perks of a life in finance”

Iqra’s Covid-19 Ramadan Experience

Ramadan in 2020 has been like no other year before. With new challenges to practicing her faith during the coronavirus lockdown, Iqra takes us on a journey for a week in the life of a Muslim fasting in Scotland #meltingscot

SADCO Foundation #collaboration – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Be determined ✊🏽 @meltingscot X @sadcofoundation #collaboration ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨ Hey guys its Saqib (@saqibsadiqofficial) here! Too often I see a lot of negativity whether that be on the news or on social media. This is totally understandable, I am not saying you should ignore the news at this point, but following every single headline mayContinue reading “SADCO Foundation #collaboration – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”

I Am More Than #collaboration – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series

Remaining Positive! @meltingscot X @iam_more_than #collaboration ✨✨✨ Rosalind (@rosalindmain) is a Masters Student at Edinburgh college of art and is working in a WFH environment by creating a studio in her flat! She’s also a Body Positivity activist and is one half of @iam_more_than, who she runs with @morganruthmctiernan ✨✨✨ During the #covid_19 lockdown we’reContinue reading “I Am More Than #collaboration – Melting Scot Covid-19 Series”

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