On Wearing a Tartan Hijab

It has many coloursIrn bru orangeMehndi redMixed in with crossroads of valley greens and blue and Kashmiri tea pinksLike an Ordnance survey mapWhere maps end and memories beginInhabits my worldLike a sea striding the landAnd estuaries encroaching the oceanOf mixed up ideas and mixed kebabsWhere two tongues join, branch and intertwinewords become half in oneContinue reading “On Wearing a Tartan Hijab”

Reviving a Lost Passion – Art

As I stayed in quarantine during the period of covid19, I started exploring different ways to keep myself busy. One fine day, I came across my old sketches as a middle school student, inspiring me to revisit my lost passion for art. During my stay in Glasgow, I realised that there is a universal languageContinue reading “Reviving a Lost Passion – Art”

Being a BAME Woman in the Computer Science Field

Since completing my first year at the University of St. Andrews studying Computer Science, I have realised the importance of supporting underrepresented groups in STEM. During my high school years, Computer Science was not an overpopulated career choice and therefore, I always felt somewhat isolated and unique in my passion for CS. However, this neverContinue reading “Being a BAME Woman in the Computer Science Field”

Life as an International Student in Scotland

Glasgow offers an open, multicultural and benevolent environment. It is populated by beautiful, comedic, and passionate people who come from varying backgrounds. Living here as a minority for the past two and a half years has been a mixed blessing. Often, it is convenient that I can usually make friends from different (or same) nationsContinue reading “Life as an International Student in Scotland”

From Feeling Inferior to Feeling Invincible…Miriam’s Story

My primary school employed grouping. However, instead of grouping children in terms of ability, we were grouped according to race and gender. I started primary school following a rocky start to life, having moved schools three times before settling. Although I was proficient in my mother tongue, I was very quiet and did not interactContinue reading “From Feeling Inferior to Feeling Invincible…Miriam’s Story”

Our Skin Colour Does NOT Define Our Beauty

I’m sure we are all aware of the tragic murder of a man named George Floyd in Minneapolis, US. This awful incident occurred when Floyd was arrested for allegedly using a fake twenty-dollar bill in a shop. The police officer then proceeded to pin him down on the ground and kneel on his neck forContinue reading “Our Skin Colour Does NOT Define Our Beauty”