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My love for reading got me through lockdown

Reading a book is an enjoyable experience that not only relaxes the reader but allows you to enter completely new lives that may resemble or differ from your own. Reading books allow you to step into the shoes of fascinating characters and enter completely new perspectives. Reading in lockdown has been particularly enjoyable and necessary as the threat of a deadly virus has stopped many of us from travelling and resuming with normal social activities. 

One of my favourite books that I read during lockdown, was actually a book I downloaded many years ago on the first day of January 2017. I had actually forgotten I had downloaded it and when the repetitive days of lockdown began, I decided that I must read it. The moment I started reading the book I was instantly gripped! I thought to myself I wish I read this sooner. I also was able to conclude that general life before lockdown was very fast paced and lockdown for many people was like a well-deserved rest.

The beautifully written book was called: The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. Centred around a strong-willed female character who was a French woman during World War 1. The book portrayed excellently the cruel effects and consequences of WW1 in Europe and in particular the impact and devastation it had on a small Northern town in France. Ironically when reading the book, it made me think of the somewhat similar parallels between wartime in Europe and how badly Europe has been affected in the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Upon reflection the past six months in our lives will go down in history. There will be a time in the future when many younger generations ask us what happened during 2020. Sharing our own perspectives of the Covid 19 experience is particularly important as it allows us to share this knowledge with others in the future. 

Reading is not only a vital skill to have, but it also enriches our understanding of the world and provides us with wisdom and empathy for others. 

By Kiran Kaur 

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