How Friends Become Family in Scotland

To everyone reading this, I really hope you have amazing set of friends because I surely do! However, for those who don’t, please wait! Don’t rush into welcoming anyone into this precious place called life. Going down the memory lane, exactly three years ago, I came to Glasgow as this naïve international student looking at people with hope and dream filled eyes. I would take at least a minute to stop, stare and smile at groups of friends while silently praying to be the one surrounded with my own friends one day. 

Starting from trying to mould myself to fit in to spending my lunch time just by myself, I just wasn’t content. Disappointment, loneliness and homesickness kicked in hard but thinking about it now, it was needed. I had to learn to wait for the right people and to learn to be content by myself. Thus, to everyone out there, never change yourself for anyone because you ought to be accepted the way you are. 

Friendships are meant to be unconditional just like how they say for love, it should give you all those emotions that one would want to feel with their family. But, coming back to me eventually, as cliché as it sounds, one fine day, a group of people just walked into my life as if I have known them forever and since then I don’t remember being alone at any stage of my life. My friends have embraced me at my worst and stood by me at my best. 

Being an international student, never for once felt like I have no one to rely on, never felt like running back home because I was already home, here in Glasgow with my friends who became my family!

By Sadya Afreen

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