The Power of Music

Music has interested me ever since I was young. I became so fascinated as to how it can take a person out of their ordinary life and place them in a world of their own imagination, or how the emotional hit off of a familiar piece of music can be so intense it can transport you back in time. This absorptive experience transcends through all genres of music, and each individual can harvest different emotions corresponding to them. It’s actually kind of crazy. 

I think everyone has had a few moments in their life when music has truly resonated with them, and for me it was watching a live orchestra. It was one of the first times I properly felt it. I’m not even a big fan of orchestral music, but sitting in the audience, watching the concentration on their faces and hearing all the instruments in harmony together gave me goose-bumps. I was so moved by the experience I started to branch out and listen to a bunch of different artists.

During the past few months of lockdown due to Covid-19, music has been a great way to escape from home without actually escaping from home. Lying in bed with your eyes closed listening to Lofi Hip Hop to playing dance music in the background when doing a YouTube home workout, it’s these little moments where music brings a little spice to your life. It’s also been a good stress and anxiety relief from everything that’s going on in the world. 

Being stuck inside all day motivated me to start up my old passion of playing the guitar and drums, and now I look back I’m actually sad I spent so long neglecting it after high school. I have been able to express myself, and honestly just have fun and be creative when creating music. It’s a great change of pace from studying mathematics. I feel free to do what I want.

I think everyone should have their day-to-day life infused with music, it adds a little pizzazz. There’s just something about music that can fill us with emotion, from happiness to sadness. Honestly, music is the only drug I take on daily basis.

By Anmol Dhanda

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