Reviving a Lost Passion – Art

As I stayed in quarantine during the period of covid19, I started exploring different ways to keep myself busy. One fine day, I came across my old sketches as a middle school student, inspiring me to revisit my lost passion for art.

During my stay in Glasgow, I realised that there is a universal language which people from all walks of life can appreciate and understand; Art.

Art can be used to bring a community closer, make a society look prettier (through graffiti art/painting murals on buildings in unique colours etc.) as well as help them maintain a creative mind-set. I used to draw when I had time, but they were mainly doodles, nothing that looked vastly impressive. However, I noticed that I bonded with many people at social events over these ‘doodles’. Hence, I paved the path for me to cultivate a new hobby.

From that point forth, I started making sketches of random patterns and designs, though comic hero sketches that were my main interest (fan art), keeping me busy and thereby helping me hone my art skills during the period of this pandemic. As of now, I, with the help of a friend, manage an Instagram page where we share our sketches, posting a couple of times every week.

The reason I love sketching so much is because it allows me to escape into my own world of thought where I can make anything without any limitations and it gives me a sense of hope, which I think is extremely important during these dark times that have befallen us. Art has helped me reduce high levels of stress and anxiety and I feel this is something anyone and everyone can practice. You don’t need to be the best, you just need a canvas and a pencil and just draw away.

I personally enjoy sketching, it has certainly helped keep my spirits up and ensured that I could keep a healthy state of mind during this quarantine.

By Areeb Babar

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