Why Tuning into Social Media is Important

The power of social media is insane. I would actually say that social media is a better source of information than the actual news itself. The reason for that is around 70% of information I see on social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter I rarely see on news channels such as the BBC. Why is that? Why in the 21st century is there still hesitation to report on real life matters and issues that are happening?

For the last couple of years now millions of Muslims have been held captive in what can only be described as concentration camps across Xinjiang. The facilities are exclusively for Xinjiang’s Muslim minorities and apparently the purpose of these facilities is to combat extremism as the government officials are banned from practicing Islam and displaying any kind of love for the religion. China have denied these truths for years and in turn calling the concentration camps ‘re-education schools’ and have gone even further to fake videos to the media on how the ‘school’ is. In the media they showed a normal classroom with happy students and normal accommodation, ones you would see in University however the truth is much more chilling than that. There have been satellite images of the camps which show the gruesome conditions in which our Muslim brothers and sisters live in as well as the lucky escapees who have recounted their experiences to have been torturous and humiliating. This has been going on since the spring of 2017, with a U.S. commission calling it “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.” Outside the camps in the city; The Qur’an and fasting are outlawed, Islamic dress is banned and ancient masjids have either been bulldozed or turned into bars.

A prisoner described the conditions as horrific with little to no health care, crowding and starvation with no hygiene. Prisoners are forced to eat pork, a food that is considered forbidden in Islam but that is nothing compared to the list of punishments that are ready for the inmates daily. There have been reports of gang rapes, medical experiments conducted on the prisoners and organ harvesting in which everyone has to gather around and watch it happen. Of course; the Chinese government have denied all of these claims and have repeatedly stuck to their story of the prison camps being vocational and educational.

The internet is a student’s best friend in my opinion ,especially when it comes to research and references but the internet and social media both need to be used by everyone to shed light and expose what is happening in China because if anyone knows how to propaganda then it’s China. People are being tortured, raped and killed for what? Because their government have a personal vendetta against Muslims and our beliefs. Google ‘Muslims in concentration camps’ and your search engine will be flooded with evidence of witness statements, pictures and the fake propaganda that the Chinese government is trying to sell to us. Do your research and raise awareness and help make a change!!

By Nadia Rehman

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