Laughing – why we should be doing more of it

Peter Anderson offers a glimpse into the techniques he uses to keep his mind healthy, especially in difficult times. 

“You can always have a laugh”

That’s a quote from my mum and it’s most definitely true. While there is nothing particularly funny about what we’re going through, laughter is exactly what we need right now! Laughter is our body’s natural stress reliever. It’s why we often turn to humor in times of pressure. 

We are facing serious challenges as a society, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lighten the mood with some laughter. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, lonely, sad or anxious right now, try indulging in some laughter to brighten your day. It’s such a simple solution, and that is what makes it so wonderful.

Laughter can reduce blood pressure, release endorphins, increase heart and brain health and even boost your immune system. Laughter is also contagious which helps a lot especially if you’re isolating or spending time indoors with family or friends.

Here are my top five suggestions to add humour to help you deal with Covid-19.

1. Try jumping on the bandwagon and make some crazy TikToks. You can find inspiration from my profile at: thatsnicedear2020 

2. Subscribe to funny YouTube channels: Brandon Rogers and Benito Skinner are my favourite

3. Share old stories with friends and family

4. Tell Jokes, even if they’re not that funny

5. Laugh at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 

Most importantly don’t let your mental health get you down. If you need help, reach out. I know it’s easy to say that and it’s hard to do, but we all need someone. I’m lucky enough that my friends and family are some of the funniest people you will ever meet, but sometimes it’s not about a smile and a laugh it’s about what’s going on behind that. 

Take care and remember you can always have a laugh! 

By Peter Anderson

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