I Am More Than – The work of an activist seeking fundamental change

Based in Edinburgh, Rosalind Main is an Art Student at Edinburgh College of Art studying a Masters in Contemporary Art Practice. Her work primarily explores themes around social media, consumerist cultures and self image through photography and installation work.

She is also a model and body inclusivity activist having co-founded the positivity campaign I Am More Than Project (instagram: @iam_more_than) with friend and fellow model Morgan McTiernan. It launched in 2017 with the aim of shining a light on fashion’s need for greater body diversity using photoshoots, events and fashion shows.

Both Rosalind and Morgan have worked together and with many other wonderful people spreading the message that we are all more than what’s on the surface; we are our talents, ambitions, achievements and more! Since the launch of the I Am More Than Project in April 2017 Rosalind and Morgan have curated many inclusive group photoshoots, hosted and spoke at empowering events and appeared on national Radio and Television speaking about issues surrounding their activism work to a wide audience.

Shot by Joanna Stawincka

Through her experience as an Activist for body inclusivity and her 10 years modelling experience Rosalind has influenced these elements in her artwork both in her study at Edinburgh College of Art and in her solo practice. Having achieved a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from Gray’s School of Art in 2016 she spent the following three years before starting her Masters collaborating with other artists and creatives in photographic projects, installation exhibitions and events. 

Artistically, looking at instagram filters and social media through photography has been Rosalind’s most recent work during her Masters. Society’s obsessive behaviours surrounding ‘Likes’, ‘Follows’ and unattainable algorithms of the digital platforms has been the source of inspiration for Rosalind pre-lockdown. In February 2020 Rosalind wore a dog filter headpiece she made around London for three days in a photographic social experiment capturing the responses from the public to highlight just how out of place and bizarre their concept of filters are on our screens. Bringing the filter into a three dimensional real life setting brings the question of how we are all used to seeing altered images on a daily basis. 

The final images Rosalind captured in London were displayed at the Edinburgh College of Art at the Sculpture Court Exhibition along with other images by Rosalind looking at likes being made permanent, like a tattoo. The exhibition was one week long and also showcased the work of other postgraduate students at the university. 

On the platform I Am More Than, Rosalind and Morgan have been working on new ways to collaborate with people online. They have gone live, discussing topics they’re both interested in and answering questions on the theme of body inclusivity. They also use their platform to share artistic posts to keep people positive during this time in lockdown. 

For more visit instagram @iam_more_than and @rosalindmainstudio 

Shot by Joana Stawincka

By Rosalind Main

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