Getting your balance sheet to balance: the perks of a life in finance

Madni Tahir shares his experience of going into finance, suggesting tips on how to get into the profession, and describing the perks related to the field. 

So if you’ve not clicked on yet, this article is by a Finance Professional. We’re not the wordy type, we prefer our spreadsheets and journals. Although you could argue Financial Statements these days have far too much chat.

Nonetheless, let’s talk about Finance. It’s a massive industry. Here’s a list of things you could be doing within this industry:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Investing
  • Working in the banking sector
  • Pensions
  • Forensic Accounting

The list is long, I just got tired of typing what you could find in Google. One doesn’t even have to go to university to work in finance, there are plenty of other routes.

For example, if you wanted to work as an Accountant, these days there are apprenticeships which mean you can work and learn at the same time (I wish I had done this!). To get the big bucks, one must become a chartered accountant – that’s when you can start signing off financial accounts, i.e. be the boss man. 

Moving on to more fun stuff, holidays! When we go abroad we like to try and get the best value for our dollar/pound/euro. The Turkish Lira took a huge hit, it used to be £1 vs 4TL, but when I went in 2018 it was £1 vs 8TL. Safe to say the food was banging and cheap too! It was a similar story in 2019, but due various on-goings within the UK and Turkey, it was more like £1 vs 7TL.

Turkey is a fantastic country – it spans across two continents! Istanbul is full of history. Every corner you turn, there is something new. Rightly so, it was previously known as Byzantium and Constantinople. 

There are many mosques to visit, one of my favourites was the Sultan Ahmet – also known as the Blue Mosque – I used to see pictures all the time and I finally got to visit in 2018. Ortokoy Mosque is also a spectacular sight especially when on a cruise along the Bosphorus.

The food is also very delicious Being a Muslim country there are loads of places to eat from which are Halal. 

Not to mention the desserts from Hafiz Mustafa!

The highlight of the trip was going to the traditional Turkish baths which is known as Hammam.. It was close to one of the big mosques, and only cost roughly £30. It was the best money I’ve spent. The area was very clean. The specific one I used was called Kilic Ali Pasa Hammami. I was given a tasty drink, it was scarlet red in colour. I had no idea what it was but the man called it Sherbet!

When I went in 2019, we went to a completely different city and with a completely different culture. The city, called Antalya was filled with beaches, resorts, water sports and other fun stuff!

We went white water rafting through Koprulu Canyon,  explored old ruins (which looked like the Colosseum in Rome!), went for a wee swim in the ocean, visited sandy beaches and went on chair lifts up to the mountains because you’re not allowed to climb them!

By Madni Ahmed Tahir

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