Life Under Lock-down: Makki’s Experience

By Makki Tahir

My name is Makki Tahir and I have just completed my third year at university, I am currently studying Law at the University of the West of Scotland. I was contacted by Melting Scot to write about what I have been doing during this lockdown. If you would like to get involved, contact Melting Scot!

I spent the start of the lockdown finishing off coursework and completing some online exams. I have now started to complete a number of virtual internships using the InsideSherpa platform. It is a great resource for students, and it covers a range of subjects including law, accounting, engineering, finance and computing science. There are also helpful hints on there that can help you to improve your CV and applications for internships. 

I have also been using this time to be more active on LinkedIn and I also recently created a Twitter account to try to engage with legal professionals. LinkedIn and Twitter have allowed me to ask lawyers and graduate recruiters about what I should be learning out with my degree and what skills they expect the lawyers of the future to possess. I have also been trying to build connections that will help me get legal work experience once this pandemic has passed. I have also recently started writing for The Student Lawyer and I pen a weekly series reviewing legal films and films about lawyers. It has been an enjoyable experience and it allows me to talk about law in an engaging way and also give tips to other law students. 

Aside from trying to gain new skills and further my career, I have been observing Ramadan. It can be hard being cooped up in the house all day and fasting can sometimes make it harder. However, I have been fortunate enough to not be greatly affected by my fasts, it also helps that we have a delicious meal to look forward to every night. I am also watching one movie a night to try and help the time go a bit faster. I have watched classics, such as Dog Day Afternoon, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Caddyshack. I have also watched a few contemporary classics such as La La Land, The Green Book, Inception and Interstellar.

Additionally, I am working from home during this time. I currently have a part-time job working at Arvato Financial Solutions as a Collections Advisor. I have been in this position for 2 and a half years and I advise people on payment arrangements and try to help them get out of debt. It is a tough situation to be in currently and if you know anyone that is struggling, whether it is financially or with mental health issues, please contact them. This isn’t easy and it helps to talk to someone. 

Here is a final thought for everyone: 

Per Aspera Ad Astra

It is in Latin, and it means, “through hardships to the stars.”

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