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The Melting Scot is a platform for BAME Scots to share their experiences through writing, art and photography.

For us, being Scottish is synonymous with inclusivity. We are accepting, open and proud.
We want to hear your story.
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My love for reading got me through lockdown

Kiran Kaur reflects upon one of her favourite hobbies – picking up a book and getting stuck in. For her, lockdown has offered the opportunity to read more. As Kiran states, books not only increase our understanding of the world, but they also help us to empathize with others – something especially important as we face a global pandemic.

Are We Really Still Arguing About The British Empire?

A powerful commentary by Nelson Cummins on the legacy of the British Empire and how it continues to be perceived in the present day. Cummins argues that we must stop questioning whether the Empire was moral – it was not. Instead, to truly move on, we must educate ourselves on the atrocities it caused.


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